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Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson is the world’s leading expert in Psychological Safety. She is a beloved professor at Harvard Business School as well as a respected and compelling speaker. 

Amy Edmondson was rated the best speaker of 2021 at DenkProducties, with an astonishing score of 9.16 out of 10. And she is ranked the #1 Business Thinker of the World by Thinkers50.

Now Amy Edmondson is coming to Amsterdam. Live and in person. 

Three Reasons to see Amy Edmondson

1. Expert in Psychological Safety

Amy Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School. 

She has been studying Psychological Safety and workplace behaviors for over 20 years. Making her the best expert on this topic in the world today.

2. World's #1 Thinker

Her groundbreaking work earned Amy Edmondson the title of Number #1 Business Thinker of the World

This bi-annual raking of Thinkers50 is considered to be most respected list of thinkers on leadership and change. She also won the Breakthrough Idea Award in  2019.

3. Highest rated speaker of 2021

Amy Edmondson gave a digital masterclass on Psychological Safety for DenkProducties in June 2021. Live from Harvard. 

She amazed her audience with her magnificent performance and groudbreaking insights. Edmondson was the DenkProducties highest rated speaker of 2021 with as score of 9.16/10

What to learn from Amy?