Jimmy Nelson has spent his entire life photographing Indigenous cultures, which resulted in the creation of the art book that became Before They Pass Away (2013). This book sold over 250.000 copies. For his book Homage to Humanity (2018), he visited another 34 unique Indigenous cultures around the world. Jimmy documents his subjects in a romantic and stylized manner, putting them on a pedestal and thereby placing them on the highest possible platform of respect. Celebrating human diversity and beauty.

Reasons to see Jimmy Nelson

1. The art of connection and communication

People are always at the heart of his work. Days, even weeks are invested in creating the mutual trust that enables both parties to truly connect with one another. This is achieved by boundless curiosity and adoration. As there is no common language, Jimmy Nelson communicates by expressing his emotions through physicality. Once the scene is set and the connections are made, the people are gathered and bathed in a warm glow of pride.

2. He'll change the way we look

Jimmy Nelson strongly believes that if you change the way you look at people, the people you look at change. If that change is powerful enough, it will gather momentum to affect the whole of humanity – a message that today he is promoting through talks at international conferences and (museum) exhibitions. With the proceedings of his art projects, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation was set up with the mission to safeguard and share the valuable wisdom of the world’s last Indigenous cultures.

What to learn from Jimmy?