Duncan Wardle is one of those speakers that you just have to see. Wardle spent 25 years at Walt Disney, moving up from event marketer to Vice President of Innovation & Creativity. In that role, he was responsible for the development of dozens of innovations that took Disney’s customer experience to the absolute top of the world. For example, Wardle is the brain behind Disney’s Magic Bands, making queues a thing of the past. And en passant he gave Disney’s profitability a huge boost. Duncan Wardle is the winner of our international Speaker Contest.

Reasons to see Duncan Wardle

1. Magical insights

All the innovations that Duncan Wardle developed for Disney are crystal clear: with the right ideas and the decisiveness of a driven team, you can build a magical customer experience. Not only at a company like Disney, but his insights can be applied in any organization. Yours too.

2. Brilliant speaker

Duncan is thundering and overwhelming. A speaker that keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes a deep impression. And which you send home with creative ideas to challenge your team to become even more customer-driven.