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Dewi Van De Vyver is a fast rising star in Belgium. Here in The Netherlands she’s known to a select group of people, but that could change after 19 September! 

Reasons to see Dewi Van De Vyver

1. ICT Woman of the Year

Dewi is a successful entrepeneur: she’s the co-founder and CEO of IT-company Flow Pilots. In 2020 she was declared ICT Woman of the Year in Belgium. This year she’s even included in the Inspiring 50 – 2022: a list of the 50 most inspiring Woman in Tech in Europe.

Besides entrepeneurship she’s also a board member at Voka and the Thomas Moore Academy, panellist in the Tech45 podcast and columnist at the Flemish newspaper De Tijd.

2. Intriguing personality

Dewi has an intriguing personality (she has an autism spectrum disorder) that won’t stop asking hard questions, such as:

  • Why does technology rule people instead of the other way around?
  • How can we use technology to make our lives better?
  • How come inclusion and ethics disappear as soon as the doors of the boardroom close?

What to learn from Dewi?

On the 19th of September Dewi will show us that if a problem can’t be solved, maybe the question was wrong. She will make you think about your role as a leader in a system. And that if that system is bothering you and you really want to change it, you can.