Three insights from conversations with Brené Brown and Adam Grant

Three insights from conversations with Brené Brown and Adam Grant When Brené and Adam engage in a conversation it’s a guarantee for … fireworks! They challenge each other’s beliefs, submit sharp ideas and bring a podcast conversation to a much higher level. Our team has been binging Spotify for you. To listen to all podcasts […]

Here are 3 lessons you can learn from Netflix

Netflix’s culture manifesto is world-famous. And astonishing, remarkable, or even shocking when you read it without context. But it works. Culture expert Erin Meyer examined it. That’s why we invited her to the Amsterdam Business Forum 2023. She’ll be there! Here are 3 lessons we share in advance, for a culture that attracts top talent […]

5 Questions to Rutger Bregman about Moral Ambition

Improve the world, start with ambition. Moral ambition, that is. Rutger Bregman is a strong advocate for it. In September, he will speak about it at the Amsterdam Business Forum 2023. We asked him 5 questions in advance. 1. The Amsterdam Business Forum is about making an impact. What do you think about it? “A […]

Why Tim Ferriss chose the title “The Four Hour Workweek”

Tim Ferriss wrote “The 4-Hour Work Week.” With more than 3 million copies sold, the book became a big hit. In the book, Ferriss gives a nice controversial take on work that makes you think. He dismisses the “sham productivity” of sitting in the office for 8 hours a day and emphasizes that you shouldn’t […]