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Amsterdam Business Forum 2022

19 September 2022 – AFAS Live – Amsterdam 

Future Focused Leadership

Learn from the best thinkers in the world, get actionable take-aways and meet new business friends in this new and unique leadership event. 

Amsterdam Business Forum = way too awesome for a conference

Amsterdam Business Forum will be your best working day of 2022. Buckle up for an awesome event full of wisdom, inspiration and experience. We guarantee that you return to your office with a head full of new ideas, flames in your eyes and new business friends.

This is the event Holland has been waiting for. Now is your first opportunity to join:


Yuval Noah


Historian, philosopher and best-selling author of ‘Homo Deus’ and ‘Sapiens’.

The most important skills for the Future of Work



Number #1 business thinker of the world, Harvard Professor and leading expert in Psychological Safety.

Creating a fearless organization



Author, speaker and inventor of the Business Model Canvas.

Business Model Innovation and the Invincible Company



VIP breakfast session


Start program

10:30 | Block 1: FUTURE

What is the future of work? How do artificial intelligence, digitization and societal trends shape the role of organizations and the way we look at work? That is our main focus in block 1. With brilliant thinkers including Yuval Noah Harari (45 mins) and others.

12:15 | Break with deepdive sessions

Not a boring break, but a festival-like parade of side events, deepdives and ways to meet really interesting new people.

14:00 | Block 2: FOCUS

How do we make our organization future proof and even invincible? How do we incorporate the developments in society and business into new ideas for products and services? In this block, Alexander Osterwalder (45 mins) and others will show you the way.

16:15 | Break with experiences

Break full of extra content and new experiences. Get ready to be amazed.

17:30 | Block 3: LEADERSHIP

What does it take for you as a leader to navigate your team through extreme times? How do you create a fearless organization and what leadership style works best in this context? Thinkers like Amy Edmondson (45 mins) give you all the insights you need.


Reception and drinks (+ special diner for VIP and First Class ticket holders)





995 +VAT
  • 19 September 2022
  • 1 day conference
  • All Inclusive Catering
  • Matchmaking & networking opportunities
  • Online access to presentations until 30 days after the event
Most popular


1295 +VAT
  • 19 September 2022
  • Everything included in the regular ticket
  • VIP seating (top 20%)
  • Access to exclusive VIP buffet diner after the event
  • Access to VIP breakfast session with Alexander Osterwalder
  • Access to VIP lounge and exclusive side events


Group discounts:
5+ tickets: 5%
10+ tickets: 10%
20+ tickets: 20%
  • Dedicated meeting point in lobby (>20 tickets)
  • Own table at VIP dinner (>10 VIP tickets)

We offer discounts on group orders. You will automatically get a 10 % discount for orders with 5-9 tickets, 15 % discount for orders with 10-19 tickets and 20% discount for orders with 20+ tickets. If you are planning to attend with an even larger group contact Godfried Dorssers for the possibilities.

Accepted payment methods: credit card, iDeal, and invoicing.